Culica Testimonial From Chess Grandmaster

James Plaskett

  "Culica is the next huge game craze"

james-plaskett-on-who-wants-to-be-a-millionaireH James Plaskett on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

When I first opened a package of James Eadon´s new invention, Culica, I thought I was looking at a new, convenient and portable game. To my surprise, it turned out to be a whole compendium of such pastimes!

 Each is based around the same concept and uses the same materials, a cube and placeable pegs. And each is playable by children or adults.
Being a chess player and puzzles enthusiast, I preferred the solitary forms of Culica, but it´s a party activity too, if you want.

Having enrolled myself in Culica Boot Camp, I then found my personal favourite Culica game was CuSnakes. But, maybe you´ll pick another.

james plaskett chess grandmasterWith no possible language barriers to limit it, a dozen or more other combinatorial games already in the pipeline, and electronics-based and computer versions under development, the future for Culica looks bright. One facet is to link cubes together to expand the ´playing field´ and the possibiliies. But I have not been that brave yet!

I warmly and wholeheartedly endorse the new Culica multi-game concept.

 - James Plaskett GM July 2011


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