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Culica 3D Game Cube - the Must-Play game as seen on BBC Television and sold in Hamley 




You can play many games on the Culica

Age 5 upwards - adults too, single or multiple players


Where Can I Play Culica?

At home, travelling on the train, in a plane, in a bar or coffee shop, anywhere! It's light, portable and has no power or batteries.

Who Can I play Culica With?

Solo (puzzle mode) or with multiple players. Culica is most fun played with friends / family (it is a 1 to 12 player game)

Why Play Culica? It's fun, it's amazing, Culica makes you smarter

What is Culica Culica is a game: a cube and pegs - you put pegs on the cube to win!


 Pegs fit into the slots on the Culica cube


Different games have different rules and goals to win. One simple game is, get four pegs in a row (of the same colour). There are many games that can be played on the Culica! The Culica comes with instructions for give games. There are, on this website, games rules for 40 (and counting) original Culica games!


Culica is fun, enjoyable and addictive! Culica is ready to play right out of the box, with zero set-up and zero assembly needed.


The Culica with box, 84 pegs, games rules and a cotton bag. No set-up.

Forty+ games can be played on the Culica. Games include sociable, competitve turn-based games, puzzle games and so on. There are even Poker and Football games.

Culica, is the most innovative game for many decades. See also: Testimonials.


If you wish, you can join Culica cubes together (they join using pegs)!


Culica is addictive fun, and can be played competitively, as a party game, and solo as a puzzle game too.




Culica sold out in 2014, on Amazon, selling 20 per day. Not bad for zero marketing! So we will be making the next gen Culica!

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